спутниковое телевидение,спутниковые ресиверы,dreambox,антенны

- Можнож заливать в китайские (не уникальные) Dreambox 500

- снутри архива наличествует русификатор, устанавливается раздельно.

Technical Infos:


* YELLOW – Quick-Button (can be configured via BP)


* own Addon-Server via Internet, many addons with preview

* Retreiving additional functions via internet from the Gemini-Server and install them automatically

* Personal Addon-Server can be used (configuration via /var/etc/useraddon.xml)

* Create your own Satellites.xml, which only contains the Satellites you really need


* Different Camd´s can be linked to channels/provider (Autocam)

* Changing the name and settings with a menu of its own

* Possibility of establishing a second socket (/tmp/cam1.socket)

Daemon / Server / Clients:

* Automatic test whether the box is connected with the internet or not (To be shown in the infobar)

* Dropbear (SSH) can be set on and off (DM500 – DM7000: Standard->off)

* Upnp Client and Server (for DM500/56×0 must be installed from Gemini-Server as addon)

* Dreambox can be used as printserver (BP->Extras/Settings->Printer (LPD), FAQ can be found in the database

* Automount, for examples have a look at: /var/etc/automount.conf. Devices, NFS or CIFS will be automatically mounted. Perfect for DVD- or Net-Drives (Editor can be found in the BP)

* NFS-Server (based on the NFS-Kernel-Modules, not for DM500, DM500+ and DM56xx)

Infobar / OSD / Skin / Background-Pictures:

* Position of the Infobar can be changed without editing the skin files

* Provider, Frequencies, Symbolrate and FEC can be displayed in the Infobar (If the Skins supports this function)

* Display of EMM, ECM or “Expertinfos” are adjustable

* Extensions for Skins (Thumbnails, 3D-Font, Pictures for Progressbar)

* Background picture can be turned off (Plasma – Fix)

* Backgroundpictures (Radio- and File Mode) can be used as Screensaver.

* Backgroundpictures and Bootlogos can be created, testet and used direct on the Box (out of JPG, BMP, GIF or PNG)

* Showing Onlinestatus when the Box is connected to the Internet (must be activated in Expert Menu -> Network)

* Moved Gemini events (Ripper, Calendar, email-Checker) from BluePanel Menu into the infobar (eLabel-Name = geminievent)

* Support for CD-ROM/DVD-drives ,regardless of using IDE or USB

* Two new root entries for music and pictures can be created in the filemenu (BP->Extras/Settings->Root-Entry)

* Support of the bigger remote on 500 and 500+ (normaly shipped with 70XX/600pvr – activate on BP->Extras/Settings)

* Support for FLAC, OGG/Vorbis and WAV (please install codecs in the BP)

* Functions for SWAP (virtual memory). Create, delete, size and location.

* Drivers for USB-Cardreaders are now included in the Image but are not loaded automatically!

* additional functions (e.g. dishnetwork, cache, location)

* search all channels for an event or an own string. Timers can be added immediatly (Press “Menu” in the epg or use use BP -> extras -> EPG-Refresh)

* Infos of the recorded movies can be shown without starting the movie

* refresh EPG using the enigma-timer (BP -> extras – EPG-Refresh)

* autosave for EPG-cache ( BP -> Extras/Settings -> EPG-Settings)

* Duration of current event in the programm overview ( Menu -> Info -> EPG)

* general information about the EPG Data (BP -> Info-> EPG-Settings)

* a time period for the EPG Data can now be defined (BP -> Extras/Settings -> EPG-Settings)


* Dreamnetcast (shoutcast-player) with Streamripper (direct recording from server and coding into mp3´s) (for DM500/56×0 must be installed from Gemini-Server)

* RSS und Weather Plugin (for DM500/56×0/7000 must be installed from Gemini-Server)

* System Info: Many extra box infos like HDD temprature, stream-rates (>=7000) or kernel-, memory- and prozessinfos.

* Changing the recording parameters (extra before- and after- recording time, сторидж location and recover-function for your records)

* change the settings for recording (before Time, after-recording time,, location and recover-function)

* Create your own satellites.xml including only the satellites you really need.

* Quick-Button-Menu: Many extra features for the yellow button (e.g permanent clock in OSD, freeze Image, audio selection)

* alarm-clock with volume offset playing own WAV-Files

* Calendar for iCalendar format + reminder ( Supported by MAC, KDE, Thunderbird, Goole calander, Rainlendar…). Standard folder is /var/etc/ical (for DM500/56×0 must be installed from Gemini-Server)

* Support for DreamDVD no matter wether a DVD-Drive is available or not

* New screenshot routines (have a look at the Webif)

* eTorrent – a torrent client based on ctorrent. Can be managed completly over the OSD (for DM500/56×0/7000 must be installed from Gemini-Server)

* disable the TV – output while taking a recording, streaming a movie and manually (usefull for boxes with very low lan-speed)

* update system time via transponder or internet ( Protocol RFC868 )

* eMail-Checker extended with SSL support (Overview of your POP3 or IMAP accounts)

* create password using the BP (BP -> Extras -> Pwassword)

* rotate al kind of pictures. Also automatic rotation using EXIF (must be activeted using the menu)

* Re-Zapp, zapps after X-minutes to the actual Channel (BP -> Re-Zapp)

* Displays, wether the box is an original one or not (using MAC adress, BP -> System -> Dreambox -> Manufacturer)

* the Jukebox, Please install as addon.


* records into different folders ( the settings have to be done in the Timer-Menu)

* LED´s are flashing during record (Boxes without display). Must be set in BP -> Extra -> Record

* import of recorded movies every time you enter the Video-Menu or only once when the Box ist starting (BP -> Extras -> Record)

* Records can now be done in the new Eniga2 format (*meta files) or as usal as “recordings.epl” (BP -> Extras -> Record)


* Webcam Viewer for viewing images from the Internet, configureable via XML config (only Still, no interval as we have at E2)

* Now you can perform a network-settings test (new construction + wizard)

Fix + update:

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