Jokerbird ‘s Dreambox Knowledgebase – Installation of Gemini addons.tar.bz2

Lion’s share matchs these days come with a brought about in ropes panel that allows you to download and update your Dreambox past the Information superhighway.  That allows for untroublesome installation of addons, plugins, emulators, skins. etc. You can access utmost facsimile’s strings panel by either the Green or Blue Button.

Now and again statue that uses a ropes panel uses only addons that are designed for it’s format.  For pattern, you cannot install Gemini addons on DSM through the discipline panel beause the addon is in the wrong format.  You can of consecution, always extract the addon manually on your pc/mac and pattern via ftp the needed files to the Dreambox. 

All of the skins and addons institute on that haunt are in Gemini format for easily done use.  You can always use these addons on alternative reflections, you frankly will be deficient to do it manually.

Gemini is the only statue currently using the addon.tar.bz2 format.  Bz2 compression is very stupendous, and distributiuon of addons are narrow. To install any Gemini addon that ends in .tar.bz2, quietly ftp the record to /tmp to the Dreambox using any FTP client. Of way your IP may be distant, however the username/password by default is root/dreambox.   That can be accomplished just by using World Wide Web Explorer:

Next ectype your addon.tar.bz2 to the folder /tmp as below:

Next install via the Blue Panel –>Blue Button/Addons/Manual Install and follow the OSD instuctions.  You can archetype done with numerous .tar.bz2 files at once, and keep going into Manual Install until they are all installed. 

Also remember anything copied to the /tmp black list will be removed upon the next restart of the Dreambox, so be unshakable to install all you addon’s before you restart.

                                                                                   If you install an emulator, don’t forget to activate it! Do so in the Blue Panel, select the emu surname by moving left or right, years ago press the Green button to activate it. All icons wish you to activate the emu, and maximum are buttoned up analogous Gemini. Emulators must be made active, plugins are accessible from the yellow button, and skins are realizable in the OSD display settings in the main menu

To remove the addons you have installed, go back to the Blue Panel, select Addons, and choose Delete. Select the addon you wish to remove, and press the Green button.  

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